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You wake up by a statue, familiar yet unkown to you, and it begins to speak to you. You are now set on an quest to find the missing pieces of the sword you woke up with, it's clear that you are of this land but this mission hints that you may be something more than human...

In ---- you explore a world that has been basked in darkness and the only light available to it's people is the one produced by a special ore of mystical origin. Where it came from isn't 100% clear but as you explore the unique environments and meet the interesting cast of characters, you'll eventually understand who you are and unravel this world's mysteries.

How to Play:

- ASD to move

- Spacebar to jump

- F to interact


  • Anna Margrét Jónudóttir (Enviromnetal Art & Level Design)
  • Gereon Plättner (Coding & Game Design)
  • Ian Klaere (Character & Concept Design)
  • Marie Wispler (Coding & Game Design)

Thanks for playing <3

This game is still in development

This game was created at the Game Design // UE at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai "Building Worlds"  (Summer Semester 2021)

University of Europe for Applied Sciences - Wikipedia


WhenItWhisperedYourName_v1.0.zip 70 MB

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